Can I Eat Candy With Braces?

Dr. Jared Lee and the experience staffs of Oxnard Orthodontics in Oxnard CA and Santa Paula Orthodontics in Santa Paula CA have the knowledge and skill to answer all of your questions about undergoing orthodontic treatment. One of the most common questions they receive is “can I eat candy with braces?” The truth isn’t so simple. If you have braces and a sugar craving comes along, you might be tempted to sink your teeth into an oozy, gooey candy bar. There are tons of foods you can and can’t eat with braces, candy is among one of the items on that list.

So Can I Eat Candy with Braces?

It is generally okay to enjoy something sweet from time to time, but it is important to know what candies are less harmful to your braces and what types to avoid altogether. Understanding this will ultimately affect the health of your teeth and gums in the long run as well as ensuring a successful orthodontic treatment period.

It’s all about the sugar.

For a tooth without braces, candy is a huge threat. Add in the brackets and bands that are necessary during orthodontic treatment and your teeth will most certainly be facing the nightmarish experience of tooth decay. This might be especially hard for you or your child during the holiday season and holidays like Halloween! If you can, try opting for baked goods or something from a braces friendly cookbook! However, Dr. Lee of Oxnard Orthodontics in Oxnard CA and Santa Paula Orthodontics in Santa Paula CA tells his patients it’s important to brush and floss immediately after consuming candy and sugary foods.

Sticky, Hard, Ooey Gooey

Candy comes in a number of different forms, but it’s all the same when you consider eating candy with braces. From hard, mint-like candies, to sticky toffee and gooey chocolate bars, candy does a number on your braces, regardless of its form. With braces on your teeth, biting into a hard piece of candy will put additional force onto the bracket or band attachment, along with the tooth.

More often than not, the bracket or band will succumb to the force it takes to eat the candy, and they will break or pop off. When a bracket or band becomes loose, your orthodontic treatment comes to a screeching halt until you are able to see your orthodontist have the problem repaired. For most patients, a loose band or bracket will set their treatment back one to two months.

Ouch! That Hurts!

Aside from the force and effort, it takes to eat really sticky or hard candy that can ultimately damage your braces, imagine how your teeth feel after just an archwire adjustment!

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