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A Subtle Option for Straighter Smiles

Clear braces from Dr. Jared Lee in Oxnard or Santa Paula can give you a straighter smile without the appearance of metal brackets and wires. Translucent ceramic brackets blend in better with your smile, so you’ll enjoy a treatment that flies under the radar.

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Your Clear Alternative to Metal

Ceramic braces are clear, tooth-colored braces that give you a more aesthetic treatment option. They function the same way as traditional metal braces, by placing gentle, constant force on your teeth to guide them into place.

They’re the same shape and size as traditional brackets but far less noticeable when paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties. Although they’re less noticeable, ceramic braces can be less durable than metal ones and slightly more expensive.

Ceramic braces are the perfect option if you do not want your braces to stand out but don't want to keep up with aligners. Ceramic braces are better suited for adults rather than teens or children.

Differences Between Ceramic & Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most recognizable orthodontic appliance in Oxnard and Santa Paula and are commonly known for their strength and effectiveness. Ceramic braces are strong, too, but they’re made from a material more prone to chipping or cracking.

Since metal braces are better at tolerating pressure, they can be a better option if you have severe oral malocclusions. Adjustments must also be slightly smaller with clear braces, so treatment times can last longer.

Having said that, both types of braces work on the same principles and tend to be equally as effective in most cases.

Maintaining Clear Braces

You may be worried about ceramic braces staining, but that hasn’t been a problem for several years. Ceramic brackets won’t stain, but the adhesive used to attach the brackets to the teeth and the clear elastic ties used to hold the wires can stain, giving an impression of discoloration over time.

You can avoid things like coffee and tea, red wine, tomatoes, mustard, etc., to cut back on the chance of any staining, but this isn’t necessary since Dr. Lee will change your elastics at every adjustment appointment.

If you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and follow the treatment plan designed by Dr. Lee, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about giving up your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine.

Cost of Ceramic Braces

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to how much orthodontic treatment will cost—it all depends on the severity of your case. During your initial consultation, we’ll determine a treatment fee and customize a payment plan that fits your budget.

If you have dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment, our team will file any claims on your behalf to help get the most out of your coverage. It’s our goal to give you outstanding service at a reasonable cost.

Clear braces in Oxnard and Santa Paula cost slightly more than metal brackets. The materials we use, the work required to place and remove, and all of your check-up appointments are factored into the total cost.

Our treatment coordinators will go over every aspect of your treatment at your first visit, so you have a thorough understanding of the fees before we get started. You’ll never have any unexpected charges, and we’re always available to discuss your payments.

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Best for Adults

After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Lee in Oxnard or Santa Paula, we can determine which treatment option will be best for you and your smile.

Dr. Lee generally thinks ceramic braces suit adults and older teens better than children and younger teens since they’re more likely to break and are more expensive than metal brackets.

Schedule a free consultation at our office in Oxnard or Santa Paula to learn if clear braces are right for you.