Traditional Braces

These are the appliances most people think about when they hear the word “braces.” They're attached directly to your teeth for the length of your orthodontic treatment. You can get silver or clear braces.


Invisalign & Clear Plastic Aligners

It's possible to straighten your smile with a series of clear plastic trays that fit around your teeth. Usually, each tray is worn for two weeks or so, then on to the next. Our patients love the way they can remove these aligners daily to clean their teeth and enjoy their favorite foods.



Usually prescribed after orthodontic treatment, these appliances will keep your teeth nice and straight for many years to come. If you had retainers but lost them, come in for a free consultation about replacements.


Early Intervention

Sometimes it's appropriate to begin treating certain dental conditions when a patient is very young, which is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that everyone age seven and older have an orthodontic evaluation. Often, treatment won't begin until adolescence, but it's nice to have a plan and peace of mind.


Adult Treatment

Smiles can be straightened at any age. Adults commonly wear braces or use clear plastic aligners. Also, orthodontic treatment is often recommended by dentists in conjunction with various dental procedures such as implants, veneers, crowns and bridges.



Sometimes smiles can fade with time. It is nice to fine-tune the look of teeth that were previously straightened through braces.