3 Things You Will Not Get with Mail Order Orthodontics

The internet has brought the ease and convenience of getting what you want right away without ever leaving your couch. There is no debating this trend has even hit the orthodontic world with direct-to-consumer or mail-order aligners, growing rapidly in popularity. But are they really worth it? Let’s look at three things you won’t get with mail-order orthodontics and why in-person treatment is the best option for your smile.

What Are Mail-Order Aligners? 

Instead of visiting an orthodontic office for an exam, every step of the treatment process is handled via the treatment provider’s website. An application is submitted to the company of your choice; once it’s approved, you can either visit one of their local shops or have a kit sent to your home to make a 3-D mold of your teeth. A technician or dentist will then use that mold to create a series of clear aligners that will slowly move your teeth into the desired positions.

This process can take anywhere from several weeks to many months to complete. During this time, your progress will be monitored using photos of your mouth that you provide regularly. While this may seem relatively straightforward, anyone considering these companies should proceed with caution. Several risks and concerns are associated with this kind of care, and some can impact your oral health. Here are some benefits of choosing a respected orthodontic practice like ours over mail-order companies! 

Personalized Care from an Orthodontic Professional

One of the biggest selling points for mail-order aligners is that no orthodontic visits are necessary. Moving your teeth into more optimal positions will impact your entire mouth. Even in mild cases, straightening your smile will affect your gums, bones, and the roots of your teeth. An orthodontist is trained to ensure all of these are healthy before and during the treatment process to produce safe movement of the teeth.

At Dr. Jared Lee Orthodontics, your first visit will include digital photographs of your teeth and a discussion with Dr. Jared about any specific areas of concern. If you prefer an alternative to traditional braces, we offer Invisalign clear aligners at our practice. We’ll be able to let you know during this appointment if you’re a good fit for this system!

If you decide to move forward with Invisalign treatment, we’ll begin by taking digital photos and x-rays to create a 3D image of your mouth. You’ll be scheduled for regular follow-up visits with us throughout the treatment process so we can track your progress and ensure your teeth are moving in a healthy way.

Once treatment is complete, you’ll be provided with a retainer to keep your newly straightened teeth in place.

Customized Treatment Plans

Your teeth and gums should always be in good condition before any tooth movement is attempted to avoid unexpected problems. While clear aligners can be an excellent option for many patients, they simply aren’t for everyone. 

At Dr. Jared Lee Orthodontics, we always consider your individual needs and goals before creating your treatment plan. We want to ensure that the treatment plan we offer will make the best use of your time and goals while utilizing our expertise in orthodontic care. We use the information gathered during your personal in-office consultation and combine it with the data from your imaging to determine what will fit your lifestyle with the most significant results. 

Orthodontic Alternatives for Your Unique Smile

While clear aligners can be an excellent option for many patients, they aren’t suitable for everyone. For example, patients with especially severe or complex cases may require more precise tooth control than a removable orthodontic appliance can provide. For these patients, a different treatment method, like traditional or clear braces, may be a better option.

3 Things You Will Not Get with Mail Order Orthodontics

Trust Your Smile to The Experts at Dr. Jared Lee Orthodontics

Anyone interested in straightening their smile would benefit from consulting with an orthodontist before making any decisions or beginning treatment. We offer a complimentary consultation to determine if treatment is necessary and which option would be best for your needs. Our customized treatment plans are built around your unique smile, lifestyle, and goals. You won’t find that level of personalized care with a company offering mail-order aligners!

If you’d like more information on how our expert team can safely and effectively transform your smile, get in touch today to schedule your FREE consultation at our Oxnard or Santa Paula office.