How Do I Keep My Invisalign Clean?

If you have recently been fitted for Invisalign near Port Hueneme, the team at Oxnard Orthodontics would like to congratulate you on getting one step closer to a confident and healthy smile! Dr. Jared Lee knows that while Invisalign is in your mouth doing the important work of straightening teeth, it’s also crucial to keep your aligner tray clean. The Oxnard Orthodontics team recommends that their patients follow these tips to keep their clear aligners clean and working properly.

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  • Saliva and plaque may collect on trays, and that creates the perfect home for harmful or odor-causing bacteria. It is important to clean your aligners every time you take them out. (You take your aligners out before you ear, right?) Brush your aligner the same way you brush your teeth; with a little bit of toothpaste and a toothbrush. You should also brush and floss your teeth while you’re at it. That will help to reduce bacteria also.
  • Soak your aligner in a product like Invisalign Cleaning Crystals, Retainer Brite, or even denture cleaner once of twice a week. Avoid a colored denture cleaner; it may stain or color your aligners.
  • Avoid foods that may stain your aligners. Tea, coffee, wine, and sodas stain the aligners most often. Hot drinks may warp the plastic trays into a position that no longer fits on the teeth, thus extending treatment time.
  • Wear the aligners conscientiously. Invisalign clear aligners need to be work to work. The trays are removable to eat, but they need to be work to be effective. Do not keep the Invisalign tray out of you mouth for longer than is necessary to eat, brush or floss.

Keeping your aligners clean is easy, and it’s a very important part of the overall treatment. Just remember, whenever you brush your teeth, brush your aligners too. To make sure you remember, the team at Oxnard Orthodontics recommends that you make a small cleaning kit for when you’re on the go. Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to keep your teeth and trays sparkling clean!

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