How Can Orthodontic Treatment Advance My Career?

Lots of studies claim that a hiring manager or human resources representative will make their hiring decision about a candidate within the first few minutes of meeting them (“90 seconds,” “3-to-five minutes,” “instantly” are all the timeframes quoted); that is, before talking to the candidate, learning about them, questioning them, etc. It is simply human nature to react to something by evaluating the visual information we receive. That’s why we sport a clean shirt, spiffy suit, and neat hair when meeting a hiring manager for the first time. But consider the condition of your teeth and/or gums when presenting yourself to a prospective employer as the best you that you can be. We brush, of course, and perhaps pop a breath mint before the meeting, but are these enough? Through orthodontic treatment with Dr. Jared Lee and the team at Santa Paula Orthodontics near Fillmore, CA , you can look your best for any interview!

If you’ve been bothered by the alignment or appearance of your teeth sometime in your life, then you know how affecting that can be when you smile. Dr. Jared Lee says that many people who are uncomfortable with the condition of their teeth suppress the urge to smile big because they are self-conscious about their smile. And if our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our smile is the welcome mat we place at the front door of our personalities.

Get Ready to Work

A clean, straight, bright, and healthy smile is more than just a flash of pearly white when you smile; it’s a first impression that can trigger perceptions in people’s minds about you, your personality, and even your work ethic. As unfair as it may seem, your personal presentation, including your smile, is an indication, at least to a hiring manager, of your management abilities (do you have a conscientious attention to detail?), your resourcefulness (do you always appear ready for action?), your consistency (is there evidence of good regular habits and a control of your environment?), and your self-interest (is this someone who takes care of important issues before they become chronic problems?).

Take Control of Your Future

Besides getting your suit cleaned, your hair cut, and your resume up to date, you may also need to consider how your smile will appear when you present yourself to an interviewing employer. If you feel timid about your smile or if you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment. Beyond getting straighter teeth, orthodontics may treat any dysfunction of your teeth and jaw that may be affecting your speech. Orthodontics can align your smile, straighten your teeth, improve your mouth function, and remove a social barrier (smiling big, freely, and openly) that you may have endured for too long.

Choose Your Path

There are a variety of orthodontic treatments near Fillmore, CA that fit the lifestyles and careers of all types of folks. Dr. Jared Lee says that Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are two of the most popular treatments. Clear plastic aligner trays are used to exert a gentle pressure to straighten teeth. Ceramic braces are available that mimic the shade of your tooth enamel to make them less noticeable, and lingual braces are braces that are affixed to the back surfaces of the teeth thus making them practically invisible to the casual observer. So if you’re ready to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Jared Lee and the Santa Paula Orthodontics team, feel free to call 805-636-6424. This investment in your appearance may pay for itself after your first successful job interview!