Five Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Wearing Braces

Dr. Jared Lee and the team at Oxnard Orthodontics provide orthodontic treatment for kids with braces near Oxnard, CA. They know just how to help ease your kids anxiety about orthodontic treatment with braces and to enjoy their visits.

Your child may experience some anxiety about going to visit their orthodontist. Dr. Jared Lee knows how to turn your child’s orthodontic treatment experience into a fun one. Kids can always find thrills in new experiences!

Here are five suggestions from the team at Oxnard Orthodontics to help get your children excited for orthodontic treatment with braces.

  1. Offer your child a treat once they’re through with their orthodontist visit. A trip to the park or a picnic lunch are fun activities that can be associated with a child’s orthodontic visits, and will help them look forward to their appointments and give them the incentive to take their treatment seriously.
  2. Accompany your child while they are in the exam room during treatment, if the orthodontist allows it, and hold their hand for comfort. As an alternative, give them a little trinket or stress ball to squeeze to remind them that they’re not alone.
  3. Get your child excited for their new smile. Take photographs of their treatment progression to help illustrate to them their continuing improvement. After they’re finished with treatment, they’ll finally have a shiny and new set of straight teeth. Make sure they know that the result is worth the effort.
  4. Color their braces! Many orthodontists offer a wide palette of colored elastics for their patient’s braces. Whether it’s school colors, holiday themes, or just one single shade, Dr. Jared Lee says that having these choices will excite them about and involve them in their treatment.
  5. Help them relax. Play music they like, give them a snack for the ride, or make some quiet time for them to relax. Sometimes, the best stress-reducing opportunity is on the ride between home and your orthodontist. Once you get to your orthodontist’s office, allow your child some more fun downtime before they go into the exam room. Let them know you understand their fear and that is natural to feel that way. Remind them that the short time they spend at the orthodontist is nothing compared to the rest of their day or even the rest of their week.

Parents already know what a challenge it is to help their children develop into healthy adults. By taking action with one or more of these tips from Oxnard Orthodontics you can instill in your child the motivation to visit the orthodontist and appreciation for good oral health care habits.

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