Best Type of Braces for Adults

Adults in Oxnard and Santa Paula now have access to the smiles they deserve. Modern techniques and technological advances have contributed to faster treatment times and more comfortable appliances. Dr. Jared Lee leads our teams in treating our patients like neighbors. When you’re in one of our chairs, we treat you the way you would treat you. To that end, we’re here to clear up some misunderstandings about braces for adults. While we offer several different treatment options, patients often ask which braces are best for adults. To help you narrow down the perfect fit for you, let’s examine the options we offer.

Clear Braces

Our state-of-the-art clear braces are made of a clear or tooth-colored material that blends in with your teeth. This makes them less noticeable than traditional metal braces, which can be a significant advantage for adults who want to avoid drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment. Clear braces work similarly to metal braces but are made of a less noticeable material.

Our clear braces are made of translucent material that closely matches the color of the teeth, making them less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This can be particularly important for adults who may be more self-conscious about their appearance and concerned about maintaining a professional image in the workplace.

Ceramic braces are strong and durable, which makes them suitable for adults who may require a more robust orthodontic solution due to the complexity of their dental issues.

Ceramic brackets are often smaller and more precise than traditional metal brackets, allowing for more accurate tooth movement and alignment. This can be beneficial for adults who may have more complicated orthodontic cases.

The smooth surface of ceramic braces can be more comfortable for patients, reducing the likelihood of irritation to the cheeks and gums. This can be especially important for adults who may be less tolerant of discomfort than younger patients.

In some cases, ceramic braces may facilitate a shorter treatment time than other orthodontic options, which can be appealing to adults who want to minimize the duration of their treatment.

Best Type of Braces for Adults

Metal Braces

Dr. Lee is also proud to use metal braces. They are similar to old-school metal braces but not precisely the same. Metal braces are a type of orthodontic treatment designed to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. They are a self-ligating system, which means they utilize a unique mechanism to hold the archwire in place without needing elastic bands or metal ties. This differs from traditional braces, which use elastic bands or metal ties to connect the archwire to the brackets. You’ll find them more compact and convenient than previous generations of metal braces. Many of our patients say these braces are much more comfortable than they’d imagined. 

Additionally, metal braces are generally more affordable than ceramic braces or other orthodontic options, such as clear aligners. This can be an essential factor for adults who may be more budget-conscious.

Metal braces from Dr. Jared Lee are made from high-grade stainless steel, which makes them incredibly strong and durable. They can withstand the force applied during orthodontic treatment better than other braces, making them ideal for adults with more severe dental issues requiring a robust solution.

Metal braces can effectively treat many orthodontic issues, from mild to severe. They are a versatile option for adults with more complex dental problems requiring comprehensive treatment.

Unlike ceramic braces, metal braces do not stain over time, which can be beneficial for adults concerned about maintaining their braces’ appearance throughout the treatment. Metal braces can be customized with colored elastics, allowing adults to personalize their braces if desired.

Metal braces have a long history of successful use in orthodontics and are considered a proven, reliable treatment option. Adults who prefer a traditional, time-tested solution may be more comfortable with metal braces.


Invisalign is a newer type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. The aligners are custom-made for each patient and are replaced every two weeks to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. 

One of the significant advantages of Invisalign clear aligners is that they can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This allows adults to maintain their regular oral hygiene routine without the hassle of cleaning around brackets and wires. Additionally, being able to remove the aligners for special occasions or important meetings can be an attractive feature for adults.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so they are an excellent option for adults who want a more discreet treatment. Because they are made of a smooth plastic material that does not irritate the inside of the mouth, Invisalign aligners are very comfortable to wear. The aligners are also removable, so they are convenient for adults who want to eat and drink without any restrictions.

This kind of treatment does require some discipline. You’ll need to wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours daily for effective treatment. If you can’t stick with this kind of regimen, your treatment might work slower than it should.

Invisalign treatment generally requires fewer office visits than traditional braces, as no adjustments are needed for wires or brackets. This can benefit busy adults with limited time for orthodontic appointments. In some cases, Invisalign treatment may be completed more quickly than traditional braces, depending on the complexity of the case. Adults who want to minimize the duration of their orthodontic treatment may find this appealing.

Best Type of Braces for Adults

Adult Braces From Dr. Jared Lee 

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