Avoid Embarrassing Situations on a First Date

Dr. Jared Lee and the professionals at Santa Paula Orthodontics know that a first date is an exciting, stressful, and self-conscious life event. The idea is to make the best first impression possible. That’s not always easy when orthodontic issues or treatments are involved.The team at Santa Paula Orthodontics know a few ways that orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can help smooth over any stress or self-consciousness that a patient may have about undergoing orthodontic treatment. Patients being treated with Invisalign near Ojai, CA have:

  • No food limitations.

    • When you go out to a restaurant with someone on a date, you want to be able to choose from everything on the menu. Braces bring limitations because you cannot have sticky, chewy, or hard foods. Seeming fussy or critical of the menu items can give your date a bad impression. Treatment with Invisalign requires no food restrictions; you just discreetly remove your aligners before eating.
  • No complex parts.

    • Nothing is more embarrassing than having food stuck in your teeth. With braces, there are even more places where food can get stuck; under the wires or between the brackets. Invisalign clear aligners have no metal parts for food to get stuck in; that means less chance for lettuce to get stuck in your teeth.
  • No chance of breaking.

    • A variable to contend with while wearing braces is that they could break at an inconvenient moment. Braces also can cause irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth.Eating the wrong food or biting down the wrong way can damage braces causing the function of the braces to lose their integrity. Invisalign is made of a thermoplastic material and there are no pieces that could break in your mouth.
  • Soft warm kisses.

    • Invisalign is molded to the unique shape of your teeth and they fit snugly. They should not be worn while eating, but because they are snug-fitting and invisible, they can stand up to the scrutiny of a good-night kiss. We’ve all seen the sitcom situation of two teens locked at the lips because of their enmeshed braces. Don’t let this happen to you. Invisalign can help.
  • More self-confidence.

    • Because braces can be bulky and noticeable, some people become more self-conscious while wearing them. Invisalign is a made of a clear plastic material and appears invisible while being worn. That means your date might not even know that you are wearing an orthodontic appliance. Your intact self-confidence will allow you to be yourself, letting your date fall for the real you.

Invisalign can’t up your game in preparation for your first date, but it can secure self-confidence and poise even while it is being worn. For more information on the benefits of Invisalign near Ojai, CA or to make an appointment with Dr. Jared Lee and Santa Paula Orthodontics please call: 805-636-6424