Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

Dr. Jared Lee and his team work tirelessly to ensure you have an impeccable alignment at the end of your orthodontic journey, but they can’t do it alone! They need your help to produce the best results!

If you’re thinking, “What can I do that Dr. Jared Lee and his staff can’t?” the answer is simple! Your oral hygiene routine! 

A clean mouth is imperative to orthodontic success because a build-up of bacteria, plaque, and germs can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, infection, bad breath, and even tooth loss! Not only can these issues delay or interrupt your treatment, but they can also cause long-lasting or permanent effects. 

To help you have the most beautiful smile possible, Dr. Jared Lee has compiled this list of oral cleaning products he believes you’ll find most helpful during your orthodontic journey!

A Nice Toothbrush

We don’t doubt that you already have a decent toothbrush. You might have spent a lot of time picking it out. However, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to upgrade your toothbrush to an automatic one with a timer and pressure sensor. These features alert you when you brush too hard and when it’s time to move to another section of the mouth.

Some toothbrushes even have a GPS tracker that sends information directly to an app on your phone, so you can see precisely how you brush your teeth. The app then offers you personalized advice! These features help refine your brushing technique for a cleaner, healthier mouth. 

Ask Dr. Jared Lee for recommendations that fit your lifestyle and budget during your next visit!

Water Flosser

Another product that can help you clean your mouth more effectively is a water flosser! These devices use water to rid the mouth of bacteria, plaque, and food residue. They are perfect for keeping every hard-to-reach part of your braces squeaky clean and removing substances that could stain your clear aligners!

Remember: Water flossers are meant to be used in addition to brushing and flossing, not as a replacement.

Interproximal Brush

Sometimes, you might be unable to use your water flosser, like at school, work, a restaurant, an airport, et cetera. An interproximal, or interdental, brush is a portable tool that is small enough to fit between the brackets behind the wires but large enough to clean effectively.

Some interproximal brushes are small enough to brush in between the teeth. Perfect for a refresher when you can’t use your water flosser or don’t have time to thread floss. 

Clear Aligner Cleaning Products

In order for your clear aligners to safely and effectively do their job, they must be clean! Clear aligners can have the same germs on as the mouth, meaning if you remove your trays to perform your oral hygiene but don’t clean them, your trays are reintroducing germs into your mouth!

Fortunately, cleaning clear aligners is relatively quick and easy. There are a few ways to do so, but some popular options are water and unscented antibacterial soap, vinegar (with or without baking soda), non-whitening toothpaste, and clear aligner cleaning solutions. Follow the instructions for each process closely to avoid unintentional harm to your clear aligners.

Before applying any product to your clear aligners, ask Dr. Lee if it’s safe! While clear aligners are pretty durable against daily wear and tear, harsh chemicals or products can warp or damage them! Aligners can always be replaced, but it’s best for them to be adequately maintained to prevent regression!

Bonus Product: Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax isn’t a cleaning product but it can improve your orthodontic experience! 

When your braces or clear aligners are tightened or initially installed, it’s normal to have some swelling or irritation. After a while, the poking, friction, and pinching can become frustrating and painful.

Orthodontic wax can relieve or prevent this annoyance by being a temporary barrier between the orthodontic appliance and your lips, gums, and cheeks. The removable wax is applied as needed at any point during your treatment journey and gives instant results.

Your orthodontic journey doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Ask Dr. Lee for some wax at your next appointment!

Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

Unsure What Product You Need? Dr. Jared Lee Can Help!

There are many products available today that can improve your mouth’s cleanliness and upgrade your orthodontic journey and outcome. With so many options and features, it can be hard to know which is best for your unique needs and goals.

Luckily, Dr. Lee is the perfect person to help. Whether you are a new patient trying to determine what you’ll need before beginning treatment or a current patient who wants to change their regimen, Dr. Lee and his team can provide you with the best recommendations.

Contact us at one of our two convenient locations to speak to a welcoming team member or to book an appointment with our dedicated and experienced orthodontist. We look forward to seeing you soon!